Steps for Sports Photo Editing in Photoshop CC

When See a Fantastic Photo in the News like ESPN or BBC, We Get Surprised

Steps for Sports Photo Editing in Photoshop CC

Have you ever wondered how sports journalists become famous and professional through their photos? Doing sports photography is tough because it demands lots of time. When you cover a game or an athlete, you have a short time to shoot perfect photos and send them to your news in time.


When we see a fantastic photo in the news like ESPN or BBC, we get surprised, because the quality of the picture in a short time is impossible. So what is the secret behind those photos? There is a straightforward answer that is sports photography editing.


This content will let you learn some necessary steps that magically enhance sports photograph and add effects in sports photo very easily-


Photoshop is a great software nowadays and used by millions of people. It has some cool features which are quick and very useful. You can quickly move your sports photography to professional ones in Photoshop.


Lighting and Exposure Editing

The most common problem in sports photography is about the lighting situation. If you are photographing in a stadium full of crowds you have no control over lights. So the first editing I always do is lighting and exposure.


Add a new adjustment layer

First thing in Photoshop you do is to add a new adjustment layer to the photo. Right click on the image and select Adjustment Layer. Then choose Exposure and set the value. Now add another Adjustment layer by the same process and choose levels. Once the layer panel is open, click the black slider and changes the black to a bit darker. Do the same for the white slide for the light objects in the photo.


Cut out image

Now using the Pen Selection Tool, cut out some unwanted reflections from the photo. Cut out image may take some time when selecting the portion. You want to cut out when you have a selection copy and paste it into a new layer.


Sharpen the image

Now you have a clean cut out image. Now I am going to sharpen the image to make it look brighter and clear. This is a simple step. To use a filter from Photoshop called High Pass filter. You need to work with a smart filter for a High pass. So first convert this photo to smart objects.


Apply High Pass as a Smart Filter

To apply for High Pass as a Smart Filter, first, need to convert the Background layer into a Smart Object. If you look into the Layers panel, there you will see the newly-opened image on the Background layer. Click the menu icon which in the top right corner of the Layers panel.

Convert to smart objects

Now choose convert to smart objects and name the new background layer to layer. Now when you select the new layer Open up filter menu and select High Pass. Thus, you will be able to change the sharpness of the image. Now you have a picture with color correction, sharpness and noise reduction. After this, you will have to perform all the basic editing necessary. It will convert the image to a professional sports photo.


In this post, I have discussed the basic editing which can give result in a short time. Sports photography is high time to demand. You need to submit photos very quickly. This method will provide you with a workflow to quickly edit your photos.

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