About Company

Registered in England & Wales Reg. No: 07548969.With 8+ Yrs of Experience

Who We Are

Color Clipping is an Image Enhancing Service Provider. We are your trusted vendor of photo editing located in the UK.
Our goal is to fortify your every desire respect to the image editing.
But we like to call ourselves “the beauty saver post photography production company”.

In the UK we are a registered photo-post production Private Limited Company. Our registered company number is 10296706, given by Companies House, Cardiff. Our official delegates are there for you to channelize about Services, Pricing & Queries. It’s like a helping hand to serve you better. If you are interested in working with us and setting up a board meeting about price and packages. Our official member will join you any country in Europe.
We believe our employees are the pillar of our core strength. Thus, we only hire employees who are imbued with professionalism, excellence and integrity. Our perpetual obligation is to stringently meet your demand and facilitate the maximum level of quality. Therefore, our greatest value is achieved as far we have consecrated 90+ employees serving a global base photo editing service. That’s not all we also hire part-time designers to inspire them editing as passion when editing loads are even higher or new project come.
Let’s talk about our photo editing journey. We initiated our journey started in 2010. We integrate Graphic Designers, Image Editing experts, SEO skilled individuals, efficient website developers and a team of experts for technical support. From then, our team is amalgamated into a cohesive entity ingrained with the ethos of quality. We offer competence and complete service to our valuable customers.

We always want to enlarge our company fidelity among our clients. Thus, our three-shift devoted designers and 24*7 support team to maximise your business potential. Our delivery time is accurate and its affirmed from the beginning. and be efficient in terms of addressing your needs. Our round the clock online team is easily accessible to answer your queries in the most professional manner.

Devoted to Deliver Perfection

We are serving around eight years thus we have experienced team for photo editing and retouching services. Our main workforce is now maintaining global customers ensuring that we respond to them to all inquiries within a fact of time. Above all, we update the work progress to our clients in real time. Our core value of service is customer satisfaction.

Zakir Hossain

Founder & CEO,
Color Clipping Ltd.

I am the Founder and CEO of “Color Clipping Ltd.”. With a lot of enthusiasm and passion for photo-post production industry, I created my dream company Color Clipping Ltd. As an entrepreneur, I was nervous and in dilemma for founding this company. But my vision of “enhancing perfection” and my strong desire to accomplish my social responsibility kept me on track. At present, it is so gratifying to preside over 90+ dedicated employees and to serve 500+ clients in 20+ countries. Now I desire to open new branches in new places. And, in the coming year to affirm satisfactory client service and amalgamate my team, more.


Co-Founder & Director,
Color Clipping Ltd.

As a Co-Founder & Director of Color Clipping Ltd. I take this opportunity to thank our valuable clients for their confidence in us. I believe that we are very different from others of our kind and possibly unique. Because we always make sure total client satisfaction by identifying their photo editing demands, translating them into services and providing quality photos. Being devoted to deliver perfection, I foresee continuous patronage of our valued clients and employees. Finally, I should say - get the world’s best photo editing service from Color Clipping.

Shahriar Ahmed
Director, Marketing & Relationship

Deowan Shimul
Director of Production

Rayan Rupok
Manager, Photography

Ishrat Ira
Support Manager, Australia

Goals & values

Respect Painting

This ascription comes from the cornerstone of our company. We feel about to work with the colour. The editing we do is the tangible colour combination.

Attitude of Admiration

We like to feel the appraisal from our clients. It makes us happy when clients give us their testimonial. We always work for client’s admiration.

Creative Contrive

We place creativity on the upper part of anything. We undergo an emotional sensation of designing which can benefit our clients.

Happy Clientage

Devoted to deliver perfection is the assent of our company. We make every deal done happily, considerably and potentially. Thus, we construct client relationship.

Appraise Quality

We evaluate on every detail of photograph to innovate a strong paragon utilising the inherent details. Lineament combines of experts, technology and creativity.

We are a Team

Ingathering, collaboration and professionalism contain the adherence of our company. Individual self-esteem and deep awareness make us dedicated to our company.

Embrace our company and facilitate an excellence of execution towards your business.